Besides the inscription Fee what other expenses should contemplate?

Meals during  registration Day (16th of January), hotel and meals once in Puerto Escondido, gas along the route, transporting your vehicle back to Veracruz and Puerto Escondido, mechanical assistance (if needed) and your transportation to Veracruz and return from Puerto Escondido.


What is the difference between competition and Initiation?

In competition you are required to navigate with rally equipment (Odometer, roadbook, GPS), on Initiation we load the route to your GPS and you shall not be timed in the special stages as well as starting behind the completion riders


If my bike breaks down, can change bikes without penalty?

You cannot, but you can continue even though you shall be  disqualified from the competition


How many bags can the Organization transport for me to during the race?

1 Large bag


Where can i buy navigation equipment if I want to take part in competition?

(ICO) Odometers you can buy direct with us, the rest of the equipment


Is there mechanical assistance or Service Packs?

Yes, we shall have several companies offering service packs

How many kilometres is the average day?



How many hours is the average Day?



Do I need lights on my bike?

Yes lights are required


What do I need if I want to go into competition?

Rally Odometer, Roadbook reader, GPS

When does the rally start?

Monday 16th is Registration Day  and on Tuesday 17th of April the rally begins.


Will there be an  Awards Ceremony?

Yes, on Saturday 18th Of March evening an Awards Ceremony and closing Party shall be held in Puerto Escondido.


When should I book my return flight?

Starting from Sunday,22nd of April


GPS Satellite Tracker


Why do I need a GPS if I'm in competition?

It shall be necessary for you to save the entire daily track for Internal reasons


What will the information from my GPS used for?

We shall check that the rider has made the full path and respected the speed limits marked on the road book.


What if I break the GPS, it runs out of battery or I loose it?

You will receive a penalty of 4 hours.


If i fail to save the route in my GPS for some reason, can i continue the next day?

Yes, but with penalty.


Can I arrive at the event without a GPS and take part?

No, it is mandatory to have a GPS working correctly


What is the use of a Satellite Tracker

It is a device that emits a signal in real time of your location at all times for the organization to locate you in an emergency and be able to notify and communicate with the organization. 


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